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Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd

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Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd
Company Details:
Business Type:Manufacturer, Exporter, Seller
Main Market:North America, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Worldwide
No. of Employees:200~500 People
Annual Sales:US$ $1,000,000 - US$ $5,000,000
Year Established:1989
Export p.c:40% - 50%

Labthink is a multinational technology company that is devoted to helping customers succeed, employees grow and brands gain respect. The headquarters of Labthink is in Jinan, China; its international headquarters is in Boston, USA; and its SAC IT Center is in Hong Kong, China. The company has more than 50 international distributors and more than 30 international service providers.

Labthink has three brands for its three business sectors: DIAMON represents testing instruments for flexible packaging and many other industries; CONVEN is for package testing services for food industry; and INNOMAX stands for solutions for new business mode for third-party laboratories.

Labthink has taken the lead in proposing and drafting more than 10 national standards and has been granted more than 100 patents. Those standards and patents range from property testing for plastics, transmission methods for original data generated in testing to business mode for third-party laboratories and many other advanced technological and business areas.


In 2014

  • Labthink formally introduced three business brands: DIAMON, CONVEN and INNOMAX.
  • Labthink has been keeping a leading position with its data stability and proximity to medians in proficiency services held by Pira International for six successive years.
  • Labthink has been granted more than 100 patents.
  • Labthink has been taking the leading role in drafting more than 10 national technical standards.

In 2013

  • Labthink introduced i-Process series of on-site high-speed packaging testing instruments.
  • Labthink’s testing laboratory was accredited by CNAS, China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, and mutually approved by IAF, International Accreditation Forum, PAC, Pacific Accreditation Cooperation, APLAC, Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and many other international laboratory accreditations.
  • Labthink introduced its global integrated IT management platform for marketing and after-sale services.
  • Labthink established its SAC IT Center in Hong Kong, China.

In 2012

  • Labthink established new type of intelligent packaging testing laboratory based on Internet of Things and cloud-computing technology.
  • Labthink introduced consultative packaging testing service business.
  • International Headquarters of Labthink was established in the Greater Boston region.

In 2011

  • Labthink took the leading role in drafting Chinese national standard on pendulum impact testing methods for plastic films.
  • Labthink took the leading role in drafting Chinese national standard on testing methods for food contact materials.

In 2010

  • Labthink started its IT business for testing laboratory data processing and big data analysis.
  • Labthink introduced world’s innovative big data series of IT testing instruments.

In 2009

  • Labthink became a project research member of National Key Technology R&D program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China.
  • Labthink became expert panel member in the National Public Technology Platform construction for food packaging testing and verification.
  • Labthink has been keeping outstanding results in proficiency services held by Pira International.

In 2008

  • Labthink donated for specialized relief fund for Wenchuan earthquake orphans.
  • Labthink was entitled as National Registration Inspector for Food-related National Industrial Products Manufacture Certificate.

In 2007

  • Labthink was responsible for national proficiency verification project for barrier property testing of plastic packaging materials.
  • Labthink took the leading role in drafting national standard of electrolytic method water vapor transmission determination for plastic packaging materials.

In 2006

  • Labthink donated for reconstruction after Indonesia tsunami.
  • Labthink’s electrolytic method water vapor transmission rate tester for plastic films was a world record high in testing accuracy.

In 2005

  • Labthink’s testing and R&D laboratory, only after 3 years of its establishment, started participating in authoritative international data proficiency services.

In 2000-2004

  • The company introduced its company brand – Labthink.
  • Labthink introduced the world’s first weighing method fully automatic plastic film water vapor permeability tester.
  • Labthink entered into international market.

In 1998

  • The company took the lead and launched digital solutions for product quality in Chinese packaging and printing industries.

In 1989 and 1997

  • The company successfully developed the first product line of packaging and printing testing instruments.

In 1989

  • The company started its business in a discarded garage.

Applied to film, sheet, container and other packaging material gas permeability, water vapor transmission rate, mechanical strength, thickness, torque, heat sealing and thermal bonding, friction coefficient, tearing and dart impact, thermal shrinkage force and heat shrinkage rate, rubbing endurance, vacuum residual oxygen and sealing and leakage, headspace gas analysis, solvent residue, residue on evaporation and other physical and chemical performance detection.


As the quality of life continuously improves, consumers have increased expectations for the quality of clothing, food, housing and transportation. This is particularly obvious for food, beverage, medical and automobile products because qualities of these products can heavily influence human life and health. Therefore it has drawn enormous attention from enterprises and manufacturers to focus on these products' quality assurance. Notably, the quality control of relevant materials used in the production of these products plays an important factor in determining the overall product quality. Labthink's professional testing laboratory provides outsourced testing services for food and beverage producers, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, and packaging and automobile manufacturers and many other industries and help them better determine and control their product qualities.

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